STUDENTS from the University of Winchester are celebrating their graduation at Winchester Cathedral.

The ceremonies take place over several days from Tuesday, November 14 to Friday, November 17, split into the different faculties, with students from the faculty of crime law and justice and faculty of business and design technologies having their ceremony on Tuesday.

Law and business graduate James North called the graduation ceremony a “very special occasion”. He continued: “A lot of hard work goes into the degrees and it was a celebration of that hard work.

Hampshire Chronicle: James NorthJames North (Image: Chris Atkinson)“I am going on to do a master's degree in law to gain a full law degree.”

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Mature student Stuart Wade achieved an NBA in senior leadership. He said the ceremony was “very nice.”

Law and business student Malieta Fisilav said: “I thought the ceremony was really good. It made me feel special.

“I am working at an international school at the moment, and I am looking forward to developing in that area.”

Joan Fricke, who studied criminology, said graduating was “fun but also overwhelming.

Hampshire Chronicle: Joan FrickeJoan Fricke (Image: Chris Atkinson)“It is a lot to take in, but it is great to be here to experience it. I have applied to do a master's degree, so I am looking forward to hearing more about that.”

Zoe Simpson, a fashion management student, said: “I would like to thank the university for all the help they gave me over the years.

Fashion marketing student Ria Williams said: “The ceremony was nice, it was really good. It was a lovely day and the cathedral was beautiful.

Hampshire Chronicle: Ria WilliamsRia Williams (Image: Chris Atkinson)“After this, I am moving onto a job at ASOS, which I am really excited about.”

Alongside the celebrating students, there are a number of recipients of honorary degrees from the university.

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Recipients are Jonathan Whettingsteel, Sue Hill, Lord Nigel Crisp, Dr John Acres, Wendy Searle, Andy Lumsden, Lord Mark Price, Jo Cottrell, Samira Ahmed, Clive Myrie and Deryck Newland.

Mr Whettingsteel, a partner at Dutton Gregory Solicitors, said: “It is a huge honour.  I have worked with the university for a few years and to be given an honorary degree is a complete surprise.”

Hampshire Chronicle: Jonathan WhettingsteelJonathan Whettingsteel (Image: Chris Atkinson)Click the gallery at the top of the article to see photos from the graduation ceremony.