It appears to me that the project to replace the Crosfield Hall needs to be re-evaluated. 

Since the idea was first mooted some years ago, shopping habits have changed for many people. 

Does the town really need a multi-storey car park and retail barn stuck in the centre of the town? The multi-storey car park would be an ideal place for the disaffected youngsters of the town to gather under cover.

As a starting point, would it be a good idea to undertake a wider consultation concerning the facilities offered by Crosfield Hall? Hopefully, as many possible occasional users and once a year hirers would be included in the process and would cover all the facilities. For example, just because RAODs moved out many years ago, do TVBC planners know that the stage is no longer used or has it found different uses?

This is probably the last chance for Romsey to avoid the redevelopment failings of Eastleigh, Fareham, Andover and many other former market towns. Who knows the "1930's Municipal" of the Crosfield Hall may be a favoured architectural style by 2030. What brings many people to Romsey as visitors or residents is its haphazard and unplanned nature. If you like straight roads and concrete, please move to Milton Keynes.

Changes such as double glazing, cavity wall insulation and roof insulation need to be assessed to make the building fit for purpose for the next 40 years. The costs of such enhancements should be included in the decision-making process. There needs to be open and clear cost/benefit analysis of the replacement or refurbishment of Crosfield Hall. While a project is in the planning and consultation stages, changes can be considered and made or occasionally the whole project cancelled.

A final thought, is the proposed redevelopment of the town centre and Crosfield Hall for the benefit of Romsey and surroundings or is it a "glory-seeking" project to enhance someone's CV?

Neil Kearns,
Arundel Road,
Boyatt Wood,

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