A FARNBOROUGH company has launched a new public access defibrillator.

The i-PAD SPR was designed by CU Medical, and features a durable design to allow it to be used in different environments.

The new design also features a high IP66 rating allowing it to deliver life-saving results consistently. It also benefits from an update interface for improved accessibility, allowing users to switch between adult and paediatric modes.

Hampshire Chronicle: The new defibrillatorThe new defibrillator (Image: WEL Medical)Jonathan Gilbrook, managing director at WEL Medical, said: “We’re thrilled to launch the latest Defibrillator model from CU Medical, which will provide a quick and reliable solution for saving lives in cardiac emergencies. For us, the device builds on the well-received features of the i-PAD SP1 while improving on durability, flexibility and ease of use. We believe that the combination of these traits is what really sets the i-PAD SPR apart.”

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The i-PAD SPR comes with a shock resistant travel case, allowing it to be transported from place to place while being protected from any accidental damage.

It also has, as standard, a four-year battery warranty with up to five years life expectancy on standby and comes with a 7 year warranty extendable to 10-years upon registration.

Mr Gilbrook continued: “At WEL Medical, we’re focussed on saving lives.

“The express purpose of the new SPR is to provide a durable, ergonomic and reliable way to strengthen the chain of survival.”