Villagers in Twyford are celebrating the reinstatement of an essential piece of punctuation. 

It was in late 2022 that the Chronicle’s Belgarum column reported on the disappearance of the apostrophe on the road sign for St Mary's Terrace. 

What had happened was that, when the city council refreshed the street furniture in the area, the original sign had been replaced by a new one, but with one vital element missing. 

Hampshire Chronicle: St Mary's Terrace

When this was pointed out by local punctuation pedant Oliver Gray, city councillor Sue Cook sprang into action and discovered that the original sign was still in the council dump. 

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Hampshire Chronicle: Friendly robin

Together with local residents, Sue rescued the original sign, which was then shotblasted back into shape and renovated by Georgie (age 11), the daughter of prime mover John Dickson, who lives in the terrace. 

The council then mounted the renovated sign and the final touch was left to Oliver Gray, who ceremonially added the apostrophe at the invitation of the terrace homeowners. 

The final seal of approval was provided by the friendly robin who arrived at the vital moment. Peace and harmony have now returned to St Mary's Terrace.