A VEHICLE recycling centre has launched a public consultation on plans to expand its facilities, to meet the demands of the changing industry.

Silverlake Automotive Recycling hopes to improve its base between Curdridge and Shedfield in Botley Road as the business moves away from petrol and diesel and towards electrification.

Silverlake anticipates the development would lead to 60 new full-time jobs on the site and provide additional specialised training to help prepare for the next generation of private vehicles.

The proposed extension includes a new fully-enclosed recycling facility and workshop that would operate as a ‘reverse production line’ to dismantle end-of-life vehicles in an efficient and sustainable process, with the aim of maximising the number of parts recovered for re-use and the volume of other materials suitable for onward recycling.

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Hampshire Chronicle: Silverlake's expansion plansSilverlake's expansion plans (Image: Silverlake)

Some of the noisier operations would be moved further away from the site’s nearest neighbours and inside to reduce the noise pollution.

Allan Prebble, Silverlake’s managing director, said: “I have been in this industry all my life since my father set up the business just after the Second World War. We have never seen a period of change as big or as fast as what we’re going through right now and we simply have to adapt.

Hampshire Chronicle: Silverlake's existing operationsSilverlake's existing operations (Image: Silverlake)

“I’m not ready to retire yet. We want to keep making a meaningful contribution to the young people we train and the people who work for us. We want to build on the millions of pounds we have already invested in our community by continuing to show our commitment to this business; and we believe there is a unique contribution we can make to the wider UK economy too.

“Recycling a car is not as straight forward as it used to be. Modern vehicles are more complex and, in some ways, more dangerous than their predecessors. It takes special skills and facilities to do what we do, and although we are managing safely for now, these proposals will enable us to set the UK standard for vehicle recycling for the rest of the century.”

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Hampshire Chronicle: Silverlake's proposed operationsSilverlake's proposed operations (Image: Silverlake)

Within the plans, the company hopes to grow its physical and online parts sale business, as well as its u-pick-it yard, better store electric vehicle batteries, attract international investment and keep up with the transition to electric.

To help achieve this, the scheme will take inspiration from other successful facilities such as the GPA Automotive Recycler in France.

The online pre-application consultation opened on Tuesday, October 31 and will run until Tuesday, November 21. A live public webinar will also be held on Wednesday, November 8 at 6pm.

Silverlake hopes to submit an application for the plans to Winchester City Council before the end of the year.

For more information or to take part in the consultation go to silverlakeconsultation.co.uk.