PEOPLE living in the new  Kings Barton development are pressing for improvements to the surface on their roads.

A meeting heard that residents are unhappy about the poor quality surface on the quarter-built housing estate on the edge of Winchester. Around 500 of the 2,000 homes have been built.

Mike Slinn, chairman of the locale residents association, spoke at the Kings Barton Forum which involves local councillors, residents, and the developer, CALA Homes.

Mr Slinn said: "The state of the roads is poor (in phase 1B).  We have heard from CALA that the wearing course (top surface) for the estate roads is going to be provided but (the main road) Winchester Avenue doesn't have one."

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Ian Curry, CALA technical director, said he was waiting for the final technical approval from the county council for the design of Winchester Avenue.

Forum chairman Cllr Steve Cramoysan asked whether the lack of a final top surface for Winchester Avenue was because it would be damaged by heavy machinery working on other areas near the road.

Mr Curry said diggers would not be used on metalled roads. The final top surface would be laid "at the last moment. Nobody will want a road surface with lots of scars across it due to remedial work on lamposts or kerbs."

He said the roads are not left unsafe. "In phase 1B we were aware of potholes forming and sorted them out. It's not pretty but there is no point putting a 'wearing course' in Winchester Avenue because we have not got technical approval (from the county council)."

Hampshire Chronicle: Mike Slin (left) and Nigel Palmer on Winchester Avenue, Kings Barton

Mike Slinn (left) and Nigel Palmer on Winchester Avenue, Kings Barton

Mr Curry said the alignment of Winchester Avenue would not change when the Andover Road is diverted but there would be some changes. The county council is unhappy with the granite setts in the middle of the carriageway and they will be removed.

A campaign is still running to stop the diversion of Andover Road. The residents association has recently written to the Government seeking them to alter the planning permission granted around 15 years ago.

When 600 homes have been built the Andover Road will be diverted through the state. At the current rate of construction the estate will be finished in around 2035.