First can I apologise for once again describing what has happened in Barton Farm, that huge development. 

We all know that it was being built on what was agricultural land for hundreds of years. 

Of course we were told that there wasn't much wild life and of course we all knew that that was not true. The birds knew before harvest that they could lay their eggs. The rabbits were incredibly plentiful.

Foxes and the occasional deer appeared.  There were trees, there were little clumps of trees and bushes that separated the fields. It was a wonderful home for many species. 

That being said, what has been built in this concrete jungle has been so greedy in as much that, shall we say the social homes, the flats, the very small two beds with gardens no bigger than a postage stamp. 

So for all the cutting down and the clearing of the vegetation, whatever it was, there is no room to do what is being asked of them. Trees to be planted. The gardens are too small, the flats have got no gardens and as I've said before the £700,000 homes, their gardens are quite mediocre. 

Yes they can plant a tree or two but we are being told that we have to have trees and vegetation, we have to do it for the planet. Well, Barton Farm is not the example that is required to do such a thing.

Yes you can have trees planted along the road or many roads but what you have not got is gardens big enough to encourage wild life of any kind.

Bees, butterflies and birds. We know we're losing so much of our wild life. So there is talk of new developments. Well again, the powers that be who allow developers to take on those projects, please allow the young people with their children to have space to be able to enjoy their gardens. More to the point to be able to plant and grow. Don't take my word for it go and have a look for yourselves. I am really concerned. Again I will say it, why this letter? Because I really do care about the future for families, young families. They need space for their children to play instead of playing by the side of main roads. 

Eileen Berry,
Priors Dean Road,

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