We recently visited a care home that sadly has been abandoned.

It is based In Gosport and is called Anglesey Lodge.

The location has a basement which we went down and while investigating this we could hear a child's voice down there with us on several occasions the child sounded very young.

We also heard a male responding to us yet I was the only male there.

Emily Cowell and Debbie MCall from Ghost2Ghost paranormal investigations also heard footsteps behind them yet no one was there.

Overall so many unexplained things were caught on camera.

Sadly the upper part of the building was set on fire so a lot is just a shell, a few rooms were left in their true form and the basement area was massive.

Overall our experience, we were there for an hour, was incredible as we did not feel alone at all.

Here are some of the timestamps of what we caught on camera - 36 seconds a child's voice caught in the basement, 1 minute 36 seconds child's voice says help me, 2 minutes 11 seconds male saying here, 3 minutes 45 seconds movement behind Emily and Debbie, 4 min 13 seconds loud bang and male voice caught, 6 48 seconds we heard a young child scream, 8 min 16 seconds child's voice again, 11 minutes 33 seconds voice says no, 11 minutes 56 seconds another loud bang, 12 minutes 36 seconds footsteps and disembodied voices in the basement, 12 minutes 36 seconds another child's voice caught

Here is the link to the video https://www.facebook.com/TonyFergusonGhostHunter/videos/1084313266079006

Tony Ferguson 

New Forest 

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