For decades, as one of the most-recognisable TV personalities in the south, he’s been the presenter and the interviewer. 

But now the boot is on the other foot for Fred Dinenage.  

He is taking to the stage in Eastleigh to talk about the work he has done with Ronnie and Reggie Kray and other notorious names from the same criminal underworld.

For decades they were feared as the ultimate gang lords of the London underworld, but their reign of terror came crashing to an end in 1969 when both Ronnie and Reggie were given life sentences at the Old Bailey.

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TV legend Fred was chosen by the twins to tell their official story and he became one of the very few people allowed into their inner circle. 

He will be interviewed by DJ Alex Dyke at the Concorde Club, Eastleigh, on Tuesday, October 17.

Fred said: “I got involved with Reg and Ron because when I was at TVS presenting Coast To Coast, one of our reporters went and did a piece on the Maguire family in Gosport, whose daughter had had a life-saving transplant at the famous Addenbrooke’s Hospital and her parents wanted to raise as much money as they could for the unit.

"Some days later I received a letter which was franked ‘HMP Parkhurst’ – it was from Reggie and in it he said he and others at the jail had seen the report and wanted to help raise money. They had some very talented artists there and wanted to do some paintings that could be auctioned off.

"When we saw the paintings some of them were very good indeed, but one was really like a child’s drawing, very simple. But it was signed by Reggie and it was the one that went on to raise a really large sum.

"That was how my relationship with them started but I never imagined I’d remain friends with them until they both passed on (Ronnie died in 1995, Reggie five years later).

"It took me three years to write their life story because I could only see them once every month – and they kept changing their minds about who’d been loyal to them and who hadn’t!”

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