So something is emerging for have-a-say! 

Pity that the opportunity for us in the Worthy’s to have-a-say appeared in the Chronicle (Thursday, October 5) the day after it happened. 

Will we get a new chance? Or will we have to go elsewhere, maybe to somewhere in the city centre, as yet unannounced?

Even before going to such a meeting, may we be entitled to news about the earliest steps, likely already past. Such as; Who are Jigsaw? What past successes can they boast? How were they selected?

What are their terms of reference? 

What will be their eventual involvement and interest in the completed project?

What will be their stages of work - master planning, consultation, public involvement, approvals etc?

How and when will they be remunerated?

The setting up of a scheme website would be a sensible way ahead to involve the public and maybe develop public ownership of the future of Winchester city centre. 

But the communications record of the present city council does not offer us much hope!

Peter Innes,
Nations Hill,
Headbourne Worthy,

Note from letters editor: Many of Mr Innes' questions have been answered in the coverage of the issue by the Chronicle in recent months.

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