POLICE have conducted two nights of dedicated operations across the Winchester and Basingstoke districts this week in a concerted effort to address rural crime and ensure the safety of residents.

The joint team involved in these operations included the Tadley Neighbourhood Team, Country Watch, the Police Control room, the Roads Policing Unit, and the Dog Section.

Suspicious vehicle leads to seizure

On the evening of Monday, October 2, officers received a report of a suspicious vehicle near rural farmland in the Micheldever area.

Acting swiftly, the team located a Ford Transit, which attempted to flee at high speed onto the A303. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the vehicle had no tax, leading to its immediate seizure.

In a subsequent search, officers uncovered a stolen vehicle in the Bullington Cross area, which was found to be devoid of number plates. The investigation into this matter is currently ongoing.

Hare coursing report

The following evening, on Wednesday, October 3, the policing team received a report concerning potential hare coursing activities in the Micheldever area. It was reported that two individuals accompanied by dogs on rope leads were seen walking along the A33.

In response, officers were deployed to the area, and a drone was deployed to assist in searching the surrounding regions. Regrettably, the individuals were not located during the operation.

Multiple vehicle offences

On the same evening, a proactive vehicle stop in Basingstoke revealed that the vehicle had no insurance.

Subsequently, the driver was arrested and charged with driving a motor vehicle above the legal limit.

Simultaneously, two other vehicles were seized for lacking insurance and tax, with the respective drivers facing charges for these offenses.

Burglary incident

Around 1am on Wedneday, October 4, officers responded to a burglary report on London Road in Old Basing.

A silver BMW was stolen from a driveway, prompting a rapid police deployment to the scene.

Investigations are currently ongoing as officers work to locate the stolen vehicle.

Urgent appeal to rural residents

Law enforcement authorities are urging residents in rural areas to maintain vigilance, particularly in light of reports of vehicles being stolen from outside their homes.

Criminals often gain access to car keys within homes, potentially using tools to hook keys left near front doors. This enables them to make off with the vehicles easily.

To safeguard against such incidents, residents are encouraged to store their keys securely and not in close proximity to their front doors.