A COUNCILLOR has sounded a warning over the revamp plans for Winchester street market.

As previously reported by the Chronicle, the city council intends to rebrand the market and is putting out to tender a new management contract.

It wants to increase the number of stalls, introduce new branding, gazebos and holding it into the early evening and with themed days. The council wants to encourage young entrepreneurs.

The market is currently thriving and is set to make a surplus of £133,00 up from the budgeted £81,000.

The business and housing policy committee heard that the aim is to a "well-run, high-quality, locally-driven street market."

Cllr Lucille Thompson, cabinet member for business and culture, said: "There needs to be a variety of stalls. The market brings an opportunity to have on offer lower cost goods than you can get in the shops."

But Conservative councillor Steve Miller raised concerns: "IS the operator in agreement with this? It is no good having a dream. We have to be careful not to strangle the managers. We have to be careful how we do it and give the operator enough freedom to function well."

The Chronicle reported online that the market will be disrupted by the scaffolding that is soon to cover Debenhams as restaurants move into the ground floor. Some stalls will be moved and others will have smaller-sized gazeboes.

The meeting heard that the current managers Southern Market Traders Management Ltd intend to bid for the new three-year contract.

The new contract will be triggered early next year. The tender is due to be agreedat the Cabinet meeting on October 17.