ROMSEY MP Caroline Nokes has condemned Laurence Fox's comments on GB News regarding a female journalist.

Former actor Fox made disparaging remarks about Ava Evans when interviewed by Dan Wootton.

On BBC Newsnight, Caroline Nokes, chair of the women and equalities committee, called for GB News to be taken off the air, describing the comments as "absolutely abhorrent".

"I was appalled by a news channel publishing such blatantly misogynistic, outdated, hideous attitudes,"  said Mrs Nokes.

She said media regulator Ofcom "deserves a bit of time and space to do its job" but added that GB News should be taken off air.

Ms Nokes also criticised fellow Tory MPs who work for GB News.

"From my perspective, if you're a member of parliament, you have a day job to do, getting on with the work that you have in the House of Commons, and not swanning off - in some cases several times a week - to present a show on a television channel".