A Hampshire grandad described the moment he was attacked by an 11ft python that climbed through his window.

Rob Byrnes, from Bishopstoke, suffered minor injuries after the male reticulated python entered his conservatory and tried to bite his arm.

The snake has since been captured and was taken to a reptile centre.

'Its fangs nicked my arm and drew blood '

He told the BBC he had been locking up his conservatory when he noticed something move through a set of blinds at the window.

He said: “Its fangs nicked my arm and drew blood as it tried to sink its teeth into my arm.”

Rob said it was only his instant reactions that stopped the 11ft snake from biting him or else “it would have been a lot worse”.

He said: “It caught the back of my arm with one fang and the other fang got caught in my polo shirt.”

"Once I shoved it away it withdrew to halfway across the conservatory, but it pinned me in the corner, and it was sort of waving and looking at me.

"At that point, my wife and granddaughter came into the conservatory, saw it, and screamed.

"That must have spooked it because it then slowly slithered back out of the window."

The python was then captured and is now in Tonbridge in Kent, where it is now being looked at by the National Centre for Reptile Welfare.

Speaking to the BBC, the director of the charity said it was “highly unusual” to find an 11ft (3.3m) python as most they have received are between four and five ft (1.2 and 1.5 metres)

The animal has not been claimed by an owner and Mr Newman urged people to “really think” before purchasing a snake as a pet.

'Snakes are escape artists'

He said: "Snakes are escape artists. You've only got to turn your back for a second and the snake will have disappeared, and we really don't recommend taking snakes out into the garden."

Rob Byrne told the BBC he thought the python must have an owner.

He said: “They're not native to this country, so somebody has either been irresponsible and let it go, or it's escaped because of inadequate measures.”