THERE are a few subjects at school that I quite frankly had no interest in. 

People say hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I often wonder if I'd paid just a little more attention in maths, science or history if I'd stand a better chance of ever winning a pub quiz or completing the Hampshire Chronicle crossword. 

However, it's never too late, and I think I've found a way to fill in some of my missing gaps of knowledge - through my six-year-old son's interest in Horrible Histories. 

The TV show is based on a series of books and it packs in laughs a minute, sharing slapstick comedy, and comic-style sketches based around moments in history. It's full of jokes that would appeal to the younger audience - yes that does mean you will not escape toilet humour, seeing as almost every six-year-old on the planet can't help but titter when someone mentions farts. 

The books have been around for 30 years, even inspiring a film, and with two books recently published - it shows no sign of waning in popularity. 

It's spawned a series of stage shows - and the latest called Barmy Britain arrived at Winchester's Theatre Royal on Saturday, September 16 for two shows with two more on Sunday. 

Two actors (Neal Foster and Alasdair Buchan for our show) whisked us through British history - starting quite fittingly for our location with Alfred the Great. 

We learnt about William the Conqueror, all the King Georges, King Henry I and King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, plus more. 

There were tales of disaster - such as the White Ship and Scotland's attempt at New Caledonia - thrown in with tales of the strange - such as  Edward "the boy" Jones and his attempts to break into Buckingham Palace. 

The show featured singing, comedy, quick costume changes, and gags aplenty and its fast-paced humourous take on history, mixed in with modern references, made it easy enough for a six-year-old, his mum and his sister to understand. 

It showed that British history is as interesting as it is bonkers - if only history lessons in the late 90s would've been half as interesting then I might not have so many incomplete crosswords. 

Birmingham Stage Company's Horrible Histories Live on Stage! Barmy Britain is on at Theatre Royal Winchester on Sunday, September 17 with shows at 10.30am and 1.30pm. Tickets start from £12.50, to book go to

It is also on at New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth on October 7. 

Birmingham Stage Company also has plans for new Horrible Histories shows Terrible Thames, Terrible Tudors and Horrible Christmas.