BBC RADIO Solent has announced a change in schedule next week.

The change, which will be implemented from Monday, September 4, means that many shows will now be centralised, meaning that the majority of radio content will be shared between stations or across the entire network.

For most stations, local programming will be limited from 6am to 2pm on weekdays, plus a sports segment.

Schedule changes to afternoon, evening and weekend schedules for all 39 local BBC stations including BBC Radio Berkshire, BBC Radio Oxford, and BBC Radio Solent mean that the same voices will be heard across the stations, rather than individual, localised presenters and newsreaders.

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The BBC say that breakfast, mid-morning and sports programmes remain largely the same and local to each radio station, yet from 2pm onwards, the 'local' networks will feature the same output.

BBC bosses say this is a positive step.

Peter Cook, Senior Head of Production for BBC South, said: "I’m incredibly proud of what we do and pleased to share the new line-up for the South.

"We’ll have fantastic voices on-air who are known and loved by our audience. 

"We also have new investigative news teams and local story teams working hard to bring more in-depth local journalism to audiences here in the coming months."

Yet many argue that this change detracts from the importance of local journalism, on March 16 this year, BBC Radio Solent staff went on strike over the new changes in schedule.

Speaking about the industrial action that day, Michelle Stanistreet, the general secretary of the National Union of Journalists said: "It's not simply a question about jobs and conditions for our members - they believe passionately in the value that quality local content brings to their audiences, journalism that is trusted and relied upon in the communities they serve.

"The BBC's raiding of local radio budgets to fund its Digital First strategy is wrongheaded and risks undermining a vital part of our public service broadcasting.",

What the new schedules will look like:

  • Weekday afternoons 2-6pm

- BBC Radio Berkshire and BBC Radio Oxford – Bridgette Tetteh

  • Weeknights from 7pm (Broadcasting across the region)

- Monday - Rena Anobil

- Tuesday – Stephen Brown

- Wednesday – Stephen Brown on BBC Radio Berkshire and BBC Radio Oxford. Richard Latto on Radio Solent

- Thursday – Leo Ulph from 6pm

  • Thursday nights 8-10pm

- BBC Music Introducing on BBC Radio Solent – Steph Nieuwenhuys (parental leave with Fern Buckley covering)

- BBC Music Introducing on BBC Radio Berkshire and BBC Radio Oxford – Dave Gilyeat

  • Weekends

- Saturday 6am-10am – On BBC Radio Solent, BBC Radio Berkshire, and BBC Radio Oxford – Katie Martin

- Both Saturday and Sunday 10am- 2pm – On BBC Radio Solent, BBC Radio Berkshire, and BBC Radio Oxford – Alice Hopkins

- Sunday 6am-10am – On BBC Radio Solent, BBC Radio Berkshire, and BBC Radio Oxford – Katie Tyler

Plans for the afternoon show for BBC Radio Solent, as well as Friday evenings across the region will follow.