THE Chinese say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Efforts to promote cycling and walking in Winchester need the same level of stoic self-belief.

Progress has been agonisingly slow over the years. The pro-cycling lobby has, in an organised way, been battling for improvements for decades but we has not got very far.

Phil Gagg, of Winchester Action on Climate Crisis, says the county council measures that we report today are a "small step in the right direction".

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WinACC is pressing for a more radical programme aimed at reducing car use in Winchester city centre.

But are huge obstacles in the way that will always be there, namely Winchester's hilly terrain and narrow streets. Looking at the Netherlands, they have advantages with borth - a largely flat country with many wide streets.

Many car drivers will say that Winchester is already too stacked against the motorist. This is untrue, something highlighted by the cross-party support for pro-cycling measures. The county council is Conservative-controlled; the city council Liberal Democrat.

Win ACC is right that a big boost to buses is needed is people are to be persuaded out of their cars.