I would like you to understand that whoever reads this letter, if it does appear in the Hampshire Chronicle, there is no political motive. 

This is pure observation. That being said, I did a tour around Barton Farm, not Kings Barton Farm, that came later. 

I have been interested in the last 10 or 12 years in this project as I was interested to see how far the development has progressed. 

To my surprise, with no more than 600 houses having already been built, another 1,400 to be built and a main road will be going through to take all of the traffic, whatever that might be but I counted 12 young children playing close to the road mainly because they haven't got enough space in some of the gardens. In the flats that is even worse. Also the road itself is already in a very poor condition. 

As I was with a colleague who was thinking what it would be like to live there, her perspective was "why are these children playing out so close to a main road and more will be coming, how safe is this going to be"? 

If it is true that Andover Road is going to be closed and everything that moves has got to come through that estate, I dread to think of the dangers that would cause to the young families. You see most of them have no front gardens. They've got back gardens but very small. Of course, if you're in a £700,000 home or more you'd have a garden and room to breathe. 

Now I am concerned and I wonder if the powers that be, I wonder if they really understand the impact of what is going to happen. I would just like to bring this to your notice. It's not going to be easy and to be honest, I just wonder how they are going to absorb another 1,400 dwellings with families without enough room to breathe, move and their children play. 

Please have another look. Kings Barton is very crowded but some of the houses are of the more expensive type therefore they have a little more room. Even Kings Barton is not ideal with quite a few flats. There's another story there. 

Eileen Berry,
Priors Dean Road,

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