A HIGHLY esteemed doctor, who was controversially fired by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT), has written his own dismissal statement.

Winchester maternity consultant and obstetrician, Martyn Pitman, posted his formal announcement on social media following the trust’s “repeated refusal to issue their own statement”, despite doing so for other members of staff who have recently left.

The post has received more than 250,000 views on Twitter and fuelled comments in the Friends of Martyn Pitman Facebook group which now has more than 1,600 supporters, following the decision to fire the obstetrician in March.

Mr Pitman believes he was dismissed for raising concerns over patient safety caused by low staffing levels and unsupportive management.

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In his announcement, Mr Pitman, 57, said: “I whistle blew my concerns to the trust’s senior management. It is my belief that the disciplinary proceedings against me which followed, which ultimately culminated my dismissal, were a direct consequence of my raising concerns, which I had undertaken in accordance with my professional obligations, my statutory employment rights and the trust’s own guidelines.

“I was eventually dismissed on the basis of allegations that my relationship, with a very small number of the trust’s senior management, had allegedly broken down.”

The statement, posted on Saturday, August 19, concluded: “I would never have envisaged that my career would be brought to such an abrupt and premature end in this manner, for simply undertaking what I believed, and indeed still believe, was my basic professional responsibility.

“At a time when UK Maternity services are under such intense and legitimate scrutiny, with staffing crises and soaring waiting lists, it is surprising and concerning that a 30-year experienced senior obstetric consultant, who still had very much to offer professionally and was held in high regard by both the community and the vast majority of my colleagues, could be treated in this manner.”

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HHFT previously said: “The trust actively encourages staff to speak up when they have concerns, and takes all complaints, including grievances and whistleblowing, extremely seriously.

"Each is handled impartially, professionally and in line with robust policies. In certain cases, this includes the commissioning of independent reports/ reviews by outside experts to ensure the highest levels of scrutiny. In addition, every effort is made to support the health and well-being of those involved in what can be a challenging process.

“No member of staff has ever been dismissed as a result of whistleblowing or raising concerns around patient safety.

“Unfortunately, we are unable to comment further at this time due to ongoing processes.”

Following a failed appeal hearing in May, Mr Pitman will be supported by the British Medical Association in a tribunal next month.