A MOTORCYCLIST has been injured following a crash on a country road near Winchester.

The incident involved a rider and a Skoda Fabia, with the crash occurring near Morestead, near to the Morestead Hill and Hazeley Road junction at about 10.20am.

Hampshire Chronicle: The crash happened near to the junction for Hazeley Road and Morestead RoadThe crash happened near to the junction for Hazeley Road and Morestead Road (Image: Romanse)

It has been reported that a man has been carried away on a stretcher and into an ambulance, and has been taken to Southampton General Hospital.

The crash has caused local congestion on Morestead Road and Hazeley Road

A Hampshire Police spokesperson said: "Police were called at 10.20am on Tuesday, August 15 to reports of a collision on Morestead Hill.

"The collision involved a car and a motorbike. The motorbike rider suffered a serious injury and was taken to Southampton General Hospital."

A local safety campaigner was critical of alleged poor visibility or absence of safety signs.

Gerry Tull, a former Owslebury parish councillor, said: "I have constantly warned of obscured road signs/junctions in the area. No one does anything."

He said he was travelling on that road this week and could see no signs even though he was in a tractor and going at 20mph.

"I rate this as risk level A1 high risk (of road accident/injury/death at approaching hazards).

"This may not be related to this incident, but travelling local roads obscured missing signs/obscured junctions and entrances on major and minor roads are the norm."

The county council has been asked to comment.