A NEW show taking a brutally honest look at motherhood is coming to the Theatre Royal.

Starring Susie Corcoran, Priscilla: Queen of the Disaster aims to show that being a mum is more than just the heavily curated photos seen on social media.

Audiences will be able to laugh along as Susie realises that parenting is nothing as expected, highly unpredictable and nobody is getting it right.

Susie, who also wrote the show, said: “Priscilla is my story all about motherhood, the real story, not the curated version online, the best bits, the worst bits, the struggles, the pressure, the guilt, and the joy. It’s a comedy about the predicaments we find ourselves in as mothers and it’s also an honest account of how isolating it can be, how life-changing it is and how there is no preparation for it.

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“I became a mother at a time when people were sharing more online about their experiences. And I wasn’t having that same experience. I didn’t see anyone who was being honest about the birth, who was struggling to cope with the massive change, who lost their patience, who never quite felt enough for their kids. I knew I loved my kids; I knew I was incredibly privileged to have them, and I was and remain incredibly grateful for them, but I also didn’t know that I could feel all those things and find it all really hard. So, I started to write about it, initially just for me, then as a blog and with a nudge from some people I work with in a theatre, I built the show with the help of some incredible people.

“I wanted people to laugh at the absurdity of it all, because I know acknowledging that helps me cope, laughing at the struggles is my best coping strategy. But also, I found myself in a position I didn’t think I would with my family and that was something I wanted to share, for me but also for anyone else out there who has struggled, to know they are enough and always have been.”

Priscilla: Queen of the Disaster will be at the Theatre Royal Winchester on September 8. More information about the show can be found by visiting the theatre’s website.