THESE amazing photos from Hampshire Chronicle Camera Club members show the best 'Urban Photography' of Winchester.

This month, we set our second theme for our Camera Club members, following on from 'Hidden Beauty' in June. 

The task was to show off Urban Photography skills, and with a beautiful city like Winchester our members succeeded. 

It was a very broad theme, giving members the chance to flex their creative muscles, and they did not disappoint.

The above gallery shows our favourite photos from this month.

Do you have a stunning photo you would like to share with us? You can post it in the camera club's group once you have joined and you might be lucky enough to see your photograph in the paper, or on our social media pages including Facebook and Instagram. 

It is free and easy for anyone to join the camera club and a great way to share your amazing photos with others. Simply search for Hampshire Chronicle Camera Club on Facebook and click to join and you will be free to share with others in the group.

Take a look a the gallery above to view this month's best photographs.