TWYFORD Parish Council is “enthusiastic” for a plan of 20 new properties, including 10 affordable homes, to go ahead.

The parish council held its first drop-in event for residents to come and learn more about the proposed Alfred Homes development for the land behind the village hall off Hazeley Road.

Concerns remain over the traffic and environmental issues, with the High Street already seeing heavy congestion each morning.

Chairman of the planning committee, Cllr Waine Lawton, said: “I’m really happy with what’s happened so far. Comments seem to be mostly positive. We have the usual concerns about traffic and how flooding is reduced which we will be addressing.

“The main road has long had serious traffic problems and this development will make very little difference to those issues.”

Hampshire Chronicle: Proposed site layoutProposed site layout (Image: Alfred Homes)

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Cllr Sue Cook said: “I’m enthusiastic for this development and feedback from our residents will help us move forward. We need to listen to our residents and their concerns over traffic. Their comments are truly valued.

“We’ve come this far so we need to make sure the journey of these new homes are as pleasing to existing residents as they are to new residents.

“Traffic will need to be managed correctly, with speed-related calming measures as a condition of approval to this application.”

Twyford resident and former parish councillor, Daryl Henry, said: “I’m really pleased it is Alfred Homes, I like their set up and buildings. It’s the perfect place near the surgery, shop and parish hall and will allow for the car parking spaces to be increased which is much needed.

“Traffic is bad but hopefully the larger car park will help reduce congestion by taking parking off the road.”

The land was designated for 20 homes under the local plan, following a referendum last year.

As well as housing, the application submitted to South Downs National Park includes a play space for children, a public car park with up to 40 spaces provided by the parish council and pedestrian and vehicle access from Hazeley Road.

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Hampshire Chronicle: Drop-in eventDrop-in event (Image: Adele Bouchard)

Residents expressed interest in all the types of properties at the public consultation, on Wednesday, July 26, including the affordable three and two-bedroom terraced houses and two-bedroom apartments.

Henry Sparks, of Alfred Homes, said: “We’ve had a predominantly positive response with people interested in the mix of options which is very good. We’ve worked with the parish council on what’s needed so there are no surprises.

“This is quite new for us as typically we work in Winchester on smaller developments where affordable housing isn’t required. We’re excited to follow through on a larger project and work with locals on the open and affordable options.”

Following comments over environmental worries, the developer has proposed air sourced heat pumps and electric vehicle charging points and is continuing conversations over sustainability measures.

The parish council hopes to hold more drop-in events.