NEARLY 150 Hampshire Scouts have travelled to Korea for the 25th World Scout Jamboree along with more than 40,000 scouts and guides worldwide.

Unit 59, The Hampshire Knightingales, left for Seoul from Southampton Airport on Saturday (July 29) morning, via Amsterdam, as the only Hampshire unit leaving locally.

The first Jamboree, in 1920, was held at London Olympia and has since continued across the globe every four years. Korea last hosted the festival in 1991.

The 36 Knightingales, with members from Winchester, Eastleigh, Lymington and Farnborough, had to pass a selection weekend two years ago and each fundraised more than £4,000 to go on the once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Hampshire Chronicle: 36 scouts flew from Southampton Airport for the Jamboree36 scouts flew from Southampton Airport for the Jamboree (Image: Scouts Unit 59)

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Concerts, cake sales and bingo nights helped them on their way as well as support from their scout group, local businesses and community groups such as Rotary, Round Table and Lions Clubs. Part of the UK fundraising goes to a central fund to help other scouts and guides worldwide to attend the Jamboree.

Hampshire Chronicle: Ready to goReady to go (Image: Scouts Unit 59)

South Korea will be home to the Knightingales Unit, who created their name in recognition of Hampshire history of the Knights of the Round Table and Florence Nightingale, until mid August.

Unit leader, Sadie Blyth, said: “These young people have been working together over the past two years, learning new skills, reaching out into their communities and making new friendships to attend the Jamboree. They were selected to attend to represent Hampshire and it is an absolute honour to be part of this great Scouting tradition.”

In addition to the Jamboree, the Scouts will explore Soeul to join in cultural activities and visit the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).