Your July 20 report about the proposed diversion of Andover Road North through Kings Barton overlooks another consequence: the effect on the other north-south route parallel to the Andover Road, namely Priors Dean Road/Bereweeke Avenue.

We live 100 metres north of the junction between Bereweeke Avenue and Stoney Lane, and there have already been five collisions at the junction this year that have required the attendance of both police and ambulance service.  If the plan to close Andover Road North goes ahead, traffic on this road and accidents at this junction will inevitably increase, and before long lead to the necessity to instal traffic lights and/or a roundabout, which would presumably require compulsory purchase orders on some neighbouring properties.

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I understand why the County Council made the Kings Barton development conditional on the closure of Andover Road North, remaining open only for residents and buses, but circumstances change, and traffic flows change, and will change further if and when a Winchester North Park and Ride is introduced.

But surely it is glaringly obvious that the County Council, as the highways authority, must now recognise those changes and withdraw the condition it placed on the Kings Barton development and allow Andover Road North to stay open.


Tim Fell,
Bereweeke Avenue,