A MOTOR mechanic has left behind the “monotonous” working life of the garage trade to team up with his father.

After setting up his car servicing and repairs business in 1986, Colin Thatcher has proudly added “and sons” to the end of his company’s title.

With Mr Thatcher based in East Stratton and his son Aaron in Colden Common, the mobile mechanics can now take on bigger jobs and customers further afield.

The father first started in the trade in 1972 but soon saw thought he could do a better job out on his own, where he could make it more personal.

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Hampshire Chronicle: Colin Thatcher and his vanColin Thatcher and his van (Image: Colin Thatcher)

Colin, 66, said: “Now Aaron is on board it’s like a new lease of life. We’re busier than ever, the phone never stops ringing. I can take on things that would have been too challenging for me on my own.

“It’s a better option for people to have two of us on the job or we can go to different places at the same time. I was quite happy to take it easy before it’s much better to be busy."

Aaron, 40, has been working in the motor trade since 2002 but finally took the plunge this year to be his own boss alongside his dad. He said: “I always had it in my head that I wanted to go out on my own or team up with my father.

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“I got a bit disillusioned with the monotony of the job so I decided it was now or never. I have no regrets, it was definitely the right decision, it’s really nice working with my dad.

“Working in the garage was all black and white whereas now it’s all very face-to-face and each day is different. It’s a win-win really.”

Aaron has extended Colin Thatcher Mobile Mechanic and Sons' work to Eastleigh, with the business mainly covering Winchester and surrounding areas.

The father-and-son team offers vehicle servicing and repairs as well as MOTs and valeting. For more information go to colinthatchermobilemechanic.co.uk/.