A HAMPSHIRE-based adoption agency is attempting to tackle misconceptions and myths surrounding who is eligible to adopt.

Adopt South, the partnership regional adoption agency for Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton, says that those interested in adoption should not rule themselves out if they think they are unable to adopt.

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Head of Adopt South, Rachel Reynolds, said: “Sometimes people think that they won’t be considered for adoption because of their personal circumstances. Perhaps they’re single or receive benefits, but we want to dispel those myths and would love to hear from anyone over the age of 21 who feels they have the love, compassion and understanding to be a forever parent.”

The agency is encouraging prospective adopters to have a chat with the team this summer, to find out more about adopting a baby or child in 2024. The team will be at a number of events throughout the summer, including the Romsey Show on September 10, and will talk to anyone to explain the processes and dispel myths.

Adopt South clarified that single people, couples, blended families, extended families, those in civil partnerships and living together can all adopt and that it does not matter if the adopter lives in rented or owned property.

There is also no upper age limit to adopt, anyone over the age of 21 can do so, and potential adopters do not need personal savings to be considered.

Households can also receive child benefits, nursery vouchers, universal credit and potential adoption allowances.

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Rachel Reynolds added: “If you have been considering adoption but weren’t sure you would be able to, please don’t rule yourself out as you could be the ideal family for a baby or child/ren who deserve to be loved and respected for who they are.

“Our friendly team at Adopt South will help you understand more about our adoption approval process, which is the quickest in the country, and explain the many ways we help and support our applicants, who may work, have families already or need to find ways of affording to have a family. We know that the adoption process can be intensive at times, but we will do everything we can to support anyone with the qualities of kindness and empathy who can embrace a child’s identity and love them for who they are.”

More information about adoption can be found by visiting the Adopt South website.