A GROUP of Winchester pupils were commissioned to sing for the soundtrack of the latest Star Wars video game.

Last year, British composer and former Winchester Cathedral Chorister, Stephen Barton, commissioned the Choristers for an exciting secret mission at Abbey Road Studios in London.

The boys, who sing with the Winchester Cathedral Choir and are educated and board at The Pilgrims’ School, can now be heard on the soundtrack for the new video game, 'Star Wars Jedi: Survivor'.

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Hampshire Chronicle: Cathedral Choristers at Abbey Road Studios to record for the Star Wars video gameCathedral Choristers at Abbey Road Studios to record for the Star Wars video game (Image: The Pilgrims' School)
Mr Barton said: “It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to be able to have the Choristers join the very small number of musicians who have recorded official music for the Star Wars musical universe. They were, as always, consummate professionals, effortlessly taking to the world of studio soundtrack recording, click tracks, and some very difficult music to learn and record extremely fast. 

“The music they recorded that day has been heard by tens of millions of people already and we have heard players describe their moments as breathtakingly beautiful and spellbinding.

“For me, it was just a joy to be able to come full circle, and it absolutely reminded me that most of the skills I use daily as a professional musician came from being in the choir and at Pilgrims’, and that the choir is world-class, as ever. On behalf of myself, Gordy Haab, Respawn, EA and Disney, huge thanks to them and the staff; we are all very proud of their work.”

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Hampshire Chronicle: Inside Abbey Road StudiosInside Abbey Road Studios (Image: The Pilgrims' School)
Director of Music at Winchester Cathedral, Andrew Lumsden, said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for the boys to sing something quite different from their normal repertoire and it really fired up their imaginations. We may have some budding award-winning film score composers in our midst.”

To hear the sounds of the Choristers in Force Theme - High Republic for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor go to youtu.be/Z3h7O_xc8rI.

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