CREDIT where it is due. Belgarum thinks the sprucing up of Kings Walk looks terrific. The new lighting has still to be installed but the paint job has transformed the tired 1970s building.

The block is highly likely to be demolished when Silver Hill 2 or is it 3 arrives. But in the meantime it is looking much more attractive for the shops and cafes.

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And is Belgarum alone in thinking the snazzy paint job evokes pictures of dazzle ships, the revolutionary 'camouflage' on Allied ships in World War One. The paint was intended not to hide the vessels from the German navy but to disrupt its hostile intentions by making it more difficult to assess a target's position and movement and thus sink it with shells or torpedoes.

Clearly that is not an issue with Kings Walk but the building certainly now stands out. For how long remains to be seen.