The developers pulled out of a public meeting at the last minute where they were to share their 'latest ideas' (Chronicle, June 15).  

Badger Farm residents and associated parish councils were thus denied the opportunity of scrutinising such controversial plans. 

Serious concerns have been voiced by both parties including city councillor Brian Lamming and Cllr Jan Warwick. 

Cross party cooperation on behalf of residents is reassuring. John Godbold, Badger Farm parish chairman, also has concerns amongst other issues including traffic, 2,000 or more employees; multi-storey accommodation, cars, parking, pollution, traffic jams and emergency access.

Siobhan Osborn, of Badger Farm and Oliver's Battery Residents Community Association, has serious concerns; lack of transparency and overdevelopment.

The original public meetings gave the impression the scheme was in no way as massive the proposed plans. 

Now it transpires civic chiefs have agreed to support a 'master plan', supported by Winchester City Council on June 21 (Chronicle, June 29). And this following the cancellation of a public meeting at the last minute. 

This will also have a serious impact on Badger Farm and neighbouring areas.

I have mentioned in a previous letter my serious concerns regarding the natural environment. Whiteshute Ridge and surrounds are literally next to the former army camp as is a most beautiful avenue of trees. Our countryside is wonderful to behold. Let us not take it for granted.

Simon Lever
Juniper Close,
Badger Farm,

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