A SPOKESPERSON for a luxury second-hand fashion shop has explained that the business has relocated to London.

As previously reported, Bella Ling, on Upper Brook Street, Winchester, closed its doors on Tuesday, June 20.

According to a sign in the shops front window, it closed due to “Unforeseen rent issues”.

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However, David Pilliza of Bella Ling said that the shop actually closed due to the business relocating to London. He said: “Basically the bottom line is we moved locations, now we’re based in London. It was just a matter of picking a new location for us so we could expand the business, we can grow as a business and look into making more sales.”

David also told the Chronicle the business had not had any rent issues, saying that the reference to them on the sign in the shops window was “a mistake by one of my colleagues.”

“Like I mentioned, we relocated. It was good time for us. But now we’re focused on London and hopefully we can expand the business, but we won’t be moving back to Winchester. We’ve closed down that shop for good now.”

David confirmed that the shop had retained its staff in the move, with no one being laid off.

He said: “We haven’t got rid of anyone as of yet and we’re not planning to so because we’re a team and obviously we’re trying to keep it.

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“It is sad for us to move, but we’re not closing down as a business, we’re just relocating and we’re welcoming every customer who would like to come to our new store to have a look. We had loyal customers who would come now and then, every week, every day basically, and they are going to be missed, but we are welcoming them to come any time they can to our new store in London.

“We would like to thank them for the support that we’ve had for the almost three years we were in Winchester. We couldn’t have done it without them as a business.”

A spokesperson for Winchester City Council, who owns the building that Bella Ling previously occupied, said: “There’s no unforeseen rent issues, or any other rental problems that we’ve had with them. They’ve been good tenants. We’re in a close relationship with them to support them as they relocate.”