An energy company based in Twyford has had a rebrand. 

Aquila Nuclear Engineering Ltd has announced it will be rebranding to become Cyclife Aquila Nuclear.

Having joined the Cyclife EDF Group in December 2021, the name change reflects the business being recognised as part of the Cyclife and EDF brand. 

The new Cyclife Aquila Nuclear brand will further support the business in being recognised as a key player internationally. 

While the company name and branding is changing, its team, ongoing projects, and core values is unchanged. 

Operating from its headquarters in Twyford, Cyclife Aquila Nuclear recently secured a 10-year lease for additional office space on site, as the company continues to expand its operations. 

The company is committed to delivering an array of projects from the decommissioning of nuclear sites through to nuclear medicines.

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As strong supporters of local grassroots sports and community projects, Cyclife Aquila will continue its volunteer work alongside Winchester City Council and ActiveMe360 and is looking to support more community projects. 

Dave Barker, chief executive and founder of Cyclife Aquila Nuclear, said: "We believe that our company's name change is a testament to the high esteem in which our organisation is held and serves as a clear indicator of the support and investment we have received since our acquisition by EDF in 2021. I am truly impressed by the professionalism displayed by the Cyclife Aquila team and the outstanding reputation we have earned within the nuclear industry. As part of Cyclife / EDF, we are proud to be associated with such esteemed entities and eagerly anticipate the prospects of continued growth and achievement. Even during our due diligence process the executive team at Aquila recognised that the EDF Cyclife group aligned with our values which is to be elite and ethical in everything we do.”

Estelle Desroches, Cyclife Group chief executive, said: “By creating the Cyclife Aquila Nuclear identity, we wanted to symbolize the successful integration of Aquila into the Cyclife group, and the synergies already built up around the skills and expertise of our subsidiary, which contribute fully to our integrated dismantling and waste treatment and recycling service offering. It is with pride and confidence that we enter this new phase together.”