POLICE have confirmed that no trouble was reported at this year's Wickham Horse Fair - and that no arrests were made.  

The historic event returned to Wickham on Saturday, May 20 and saw more than 2,000 people attend - many from the gyspy, traveller and Roma community.

The fair is one of the largest in the country and saw horse sales and shows, as well as a market and funfair. 

It has been running since 1269 and operates under a Royal Charter - as such there is no official group organiser. 

As there is no identified individual or group organiser, police worked in partnership with Hampshire County Council, Winchester City Council, Wickham Chamber of Trade, RSPCA and World Horse Welfare along with key members of the travelling community to ensure the event went smoothly. 

They had a noticeable presence on the day, carrying out patrols and checks, using the village's community centre as a base. 

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Hampshire Chronicle: Wickham Charter and Horse Fair 2023.

However, they issued a statement on Sunday, May 21 to say that no crimes or anti-social behaviour were reported.

Chief Inspector Chris Spellerberg said: “Our aim has always been to help maintain a safe environment for all communities, visitors and residents so everyone could enjoy the day.

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"As part of our planned approach we conducted community-focused patrols within the main event and in surrounding communities.

“No arrests were made and there was no requirement to use police powers. No crimes or anti-social behaviour was reported.

"We estimate the event attracted around 2,000 people."

The main horse fair concluded by 5pm with the majority of attendees leaving around that time, with the fairground closing at around 6pm.

Road closures, which were in place across the village, were lifted shortly afterwards.

Hampshire Chronicle: Wickham Charter and Horse Fair 2023.