UNFORTUNATELY some readers assumed an incorrect perspective after reading the article about my Waitrose experience (Romsey Advertiser, March 24).

Late editing requirements necessarily erased content from the original article. If I had simply been asked for my receipt this scenario would never have occurred.

A receipt was not requested. The employee stopped me in store and stated: “Sir, I see you have availed yourself of free coffee, but to qualify you need to make a purchase.”

He then invited me to make the necessary purchase - an undoubtedly direct accusation. I had already made the required purchase, which is why I was shocked and suggested he check security cameras.

I sought only vindication and at no time requested financial recompense.

After a fortnight of abrupt, dismissive responses I emailed the CEO whose executive office proposed a £20 giftcard; I refused as I consider this insulting. On consideration I decided Waitrose should make amends so proffered the idea they make significant donations to charities of my choice; which as anticipated was refused.

Obviously vastly more facts and details exist in most articles written, but for publication it is only possible to highlight main events and points, then trust most readers are discerning enough to understand and keep an open mind.

Some made considered, appropriate and supportive comments, to them I offer gratitude and thanks for understanding emotions associated with being wrongly accused.

Unfortunately certain readers decided to create their own, incorrect translations and acted as ‘trolls’ posting insensitive, bigoted, irrelevant comments. Consequently the comment facility was disabled.

These readers, who published inappropriate comments understand their own actions – all I will say to them is SHAME ON YOU!



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