A VILLAGE hall will be able to keep providing warmth to its community through its warm hub scheme thanks to a grant from the borough council. 

Chilbolton Village Hall has received funding from Test Valley Borough Council's Cost of Living Grant Scheme, which has provided the hall with a £1,000 grant to support the weekly community event, which aims to bring residents together in a warm and welcoming environment.

The Chilbolton Warm Hub Lunch Club is open to all residents and provides an opportunity to socialise and connect with others in the community.

The event provides a healthy lunch and refreshments to those attending. Thanks to the grant support, the venue is set to host the weekly activity throughout the rest of 2023.

Councillor David Drew, who attended the event in early March, said: “The council’s Cost of Living Grant Scheme is designed to support initiatives that bring our communities together and improve the quality of life for our residents.

"Chilbolton Warm Hub Lunch Club is a great example of this, and we are proud to have supported its launch with a grant.

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“We encourage other community organisations to apply for our grant to help support their projects.”

Chilbolton Parish Councillor Tony Ewer applied for the grant.

He said: “It’s been wonderful to see the community come together and enjoy warm food, refreshments and an opportunity to socialise outside of their homes. We hope that this initiative will continue to grow, and we look forward to welcoming residents to our next event.

"Thank you to Test Valley Borough Council for supporting our initiative.”

The Cost of Living Grant is open to community organisations across Test Valley. To apply for a grant, visit the council’s website: testvalley.gov.uk/costoflivingsupport.