CIVIC chiefs have been questioned about the mounting workload for council officers as major schemes come on track in Winchester.

Conservative city councillor Steve Miller raised the issue at the full Council meeting.

He asked the leader Martin Tod, Lib Dem: “Given the fact that both the legal department and Estates are already busy. How do you envisage that the council will be able to cope when the following projects all coming online together. 1. The Doctors' Surgery (St Clement's) 2. River Park (leisure centre) 3. The Depot (Bar End) 4. Central Winchester (Regeneration) 5. Station Approach.

“Even with development partners there will still be a vast amount of work required by our officers.”

Cllr Tod replied: “These projects are not targeted to be delivered simultaneously and resources to ensure we have capacity for the projects in this question are aligned per project, with an overarching core permanent team.

“Each project has a budget which either references internal resources (and therefore has to secure those resources) or references external resources and seeks a budget to secure those resources before progressing. In the budget being considered by Full Council tonight there is a request for budget for an additional director post who will support the Strategic Director in delivering all regeneration, and some of the major sites projects coming forwards as listed in your question. If approved, this role will secure further capacity for the council.”