A WINCHESTER man who has converted part of a Boeing 737 into an annexe is currently seeking permission to turn it into an Airbnb.

Steven Northam, 38, of Church Lane, Colden Common, purchased the front half of the plane on eBay from Chichester College where it was used to train aircrew.

After having it transported to Winchester, the entrepreneur and part-time university lecturer set about transforming it into a home office and annexe.

According to Steven the structure, which is located off Thompson’s Lane near Marwell Zoo, features sleeping space for four people, a small kitchenette, an on-board shower and a flight simulator. Steven said: “It’s almost like a caravan, to some degree, but obviously inside a plane.”

Hampshire Chronicle: The interior of the plane (credit: Steven Northam)The interior of the plane (credit: Steven Northam) (Image: Steven Northam)READ MORE: Plans for former city centre hair salon to be two apartments

The transformation, which took place over three months from July to September 2022, was documented by a TV crew for the Channel 4 home improvement show George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, with the episode focusing on Steven’s efforts airing on Monday, February 27.

Steven explained: “The crew sort of popped in one and off across the three months and filmed bits and pieces as I was doing it. They were really good fun, George was awesome. He was just like he seems on the TV, very down-to-earth, very friendly, seemed to really enjoy what I was doing and liked the project. It was a worthwhile sort of thing.

“It's very cringy every time you do anything on TV and see yourself back but it was good fun, it came across fun, and the feedback was that it was an impressive project and people seemed to enjoy it, so we’ll go from there.”

Hampshire Chronicle: The flight simulator in the cockpit of the plane (credit: Steven Northam)The flight simulator in the cockpit of the plane (credit: Steven Northam) (Image: Steven Northam)Steven is currently in the process of applying to Winchester City Council for permission to rent the plane out as an Airbnb, with the tentative name of “Marwell Mile High”.

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Steven said: “It’s sort of early days in that respect. It was more a bit of a fun project, a bit of a laugh, and maybe now it can be rented out.

“After the show aired last night, I had hundreds of requests from people coming in saying ‘When can we stay, when can we come and see it’, so it looks like it might work.”

The episode of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces featuring Steven and his converted plane *is currently available to watch on Channel 4’s streaming service All 4.