The intention to divert the Andover Road through the new Kings Barton housing estate gets stranger and stranger.

Now we hear new home owning residents have not been told about it by the estate agents. Diverting the major northern artery in and out of the city through a residential housing estate defies all logic and is so peculiar that it is impossible not suspect that someone done a deal at some point and for some reason is loath to reveal it? 

At a time when suspicion of public bodies is great it would be really helpful if the council would just throw their hands up and admit what is behind it and before it is too late people can then get together to see what can be done. 

No one in their right mind can think this is a good idea; irritating for drivers and horrendous for people in Kings Barton. We should be encouraging everyone to walk or cycle; this is going to have the opposite effect.

Pip Billington,
Priors Way,

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