A WINCHESTER tailor could be forced to move if vandalism and racism continue.

Winchester Tailoring, in Kings Walk, was targeted by a group of vandals on Saturday, February 25 when they kicked in the back door, threw eggs over the front windows, shouted racist comments and dumped rubbish outside.

Hampshire Chronicle:

Business owner Murat Neguzel moved his business to Winchester five years ago as he believed it to be a safe and quiet place. However, now the tailor who feels let down by the police said he will have to move if the behaviour continues.

Hampshire Chronicle:

Mr Neguzel, 40, said: “I’m extremely worried, doubting my own safety and not comfortable here. Because the police don’t intervene the offenders get too much courage and attack more. Saturday was a really horrible time, they even jump-kicked the door while I was in there.

“It was an unprovoked incident and these repairs are going to cost me time and money during the economic crisis too.”

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“This has been going on for the past year and the police simply dismiss it as childish anti-social behaviour but there are teenagers over the age of 16 and 17 involved.

“I used to have full confidence in the police but when they arrived on Saturday they weren’t doing anything, not even removing the kids. I’m really frustrated with their response. Police need to control the area and take them in for questioning.

Hampshire Chronicle:

“Why are people making problems for me? It’s completely unnecessary – I’m a law-abiding citizen trying to make a living. I’ve never seen behaviour like this before and I’m questioning whether I should continue here.”

A spokesperson for Hampshire police said: "We were called to Winchester Tailoring on King’s Walk in Winchester just after 6pm on Saturday, February 25 to a report of criminal damage.

"It was reported a group of youths had kicked the door and thrown eggs at the building.

"Officers attended and the group dispersed. Members of the group were spoken to and details were taken.

"Anyone with information should call 101 or report online, using reference number 44230078593."

Teo Sanjar of Sunflowers Emporium, next door to the tailors, added: “It’s so annoying. They are always causing a ruckus. It needs to stop and they need to be shaken up a bit.

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“It’s escalated in the last few months. It might have been the same group that set the bin on fire outside. We’ve not had any issues here specifically so I don’t know why they’re targeting the poor tailors.”

Hampshire Chronicle:

Mr Neguzel recalled a group of seven teenagers which grew to be 15, targeting and shouting at the business at around 4.30pm on Saturday.

Hampshire Chronicle:

It wasn't until Monday, February 27 morning that the tailor realised the damage caused to the back door. Meanwhile, remnants of eggs are still stuck to the windows.