I would like to thank Mike Slinn, chairman of the Kings Barton Residents association for his recent letter to the Hampshire Chronicle (February 16).

It was interesting to read the results of his survey confirming what I have heard on doorsteps and had felt anecdotally, that prospective buyers have not been adequately informed about the imminent closure of Andover Road North and the consequences for the residents of Kings Barton.

READ MORE HERE: Most residents of Kings Barton unaware of diversion plans for Andover Road

A couple of recent surveys covering North Winchester area have demonstrated overwhelming local support for keeping the Andover Road North open for through traffic, alongside the local thorough fair that will be Winchester Avenue.

I note however that regardless of public opinion, the leader of the city council (Cllr Martin Tod) has his mind made up, as he recently declared that keeping the Andover Road open would be "an act of insanity" (Hampshire Chronicle; September 26 2022).

It seems that for some, representation of public opinion is not important and democracy is just a word rather than a practice.


Signe Biddle

Mortimer Close

Kings Worthy