I agree with Andrew Nicol about the proposed closure of Crosfield Hall and its impact.

The Hall has been the venue for blood donations until recently.

It seems Romsey is no longer an option as a venue on the donation website. Believing this to be an error I phoned the blood and transplant helpline, to be told that indeed, Crosfield is no longer available.

So much for the closure of the hall having no impact, the alternative sites listed for Blood donation are Totton, Southampton, Chandler's Ford and Winchester.

As Mr Nicol says in his letter, the hall is centrally placed and does not involve walking along a badly lit dual carriageway.

Can we please be told why the hall has been removed from the blood donation venues?

The decision to renovate the south side of Romsey was taken in the pre-Covid days before working from home and the economic crisis. Is it not time to review this decision? 

Jacqueline Mahon,

Woodley Lane,


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