What a performance!

I am not at all surprised that the Hampshire Chronicle couldn’t get tickets.

Perfectly abridged by director Zoe Stanford the play completely captured the dark themes of Macbeth.

The stage was simple but effective providing a fittingly ominous arena for the horror of Macbeth.

The sound and lighting was superb, creating a perfectly dark setting.

I thought the fake blood was very effective making the play fittingly gruesome.

Lines were read perfectly with no pauses or nervous hesitation.

Hampshire Chronicle:

I thought all the performances were great but I particularly enjoyed the performances of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth ( played by Tez Cook and Jen Hale respectively).

They both delivered their lines powerfully allowing the audience to understand the characters.

Peter Andrews did a great job portraying the wise and benevolent King Duncan.

The Thanes perfectly show how the murder of King Duncan affected the rest of the Scottish Royal family.

Ade Fry showed Macduff’s struggle to the throne and Danny Olsson portrayed Macbeth's attendant Seyton with eerie excellence.

The weird sisters (played by Claire Kerry, Daisy Norwood and Denise Truscott) delivered their lines creepily and effectively.

The ghost of Banquo was suitably gruesome and Macbeth’s reaction was superb. I must also applaud the costume department for the actor’s great outfits.

I thought they perfectly suited the medieval era the play is set in. Overall the play was a great success and I am honoured to review it.