PUPILS at the Henry Beaufort School were pleased to receive a special visitor in the form of a trainee hearing dog.

North the trainee hearing dog visited the school on Wednesday, January 25.

He visited children from the Henry Beauford Resource Base alongside guests from the Resources Base at Cove School, attending with his trainer and colleagues from the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People charity.

The Resource Base at Henry Beauford School is for the mainstream education of deaf and hard of hearing students with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plan and provides state-of-the-art facilities.

Hampshire Chronicle: North with students from Henry Beaufort School (credit: Henry Beaufort School)North with students from Henry Beaufort School (credit: Henry Beaufort School) (Image: Henry Beaufort School)North was the centre of attention at a talk given by a trainer to the deaf pupils at the school, who learnt all about how he is being trained to alert his new owner to sounds which will keep them safe.

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The pupils also got an opportunity to handle North and walk a little way with him and try some commands.

North was brilliant and responded well to the commands of the impeccably well behaved students.

Teacher Alison Strevens said: “We love hosting these events at The Henry Beaufort School. Not only does it give our students an opportunity to meet up with other Resource Bases in Hampshire, but it also gives them a chance to learn about what may be available to them as they become independent young adults. It’s all about raising awareness and getting our young people to consider their options – especially when they are as delightful as North.”

As he will be working for a teacher, North had a quick tour around the school to get used to all the sights and smells of a school, and was very well behaved in the English classes he attended.