Henry Beaufort students are showing their production of Matilda Jr. at the Theatre Royal Winchester this week.

The whole school production, which takes place bi-annually, features students from ages 11-16. 

Scarlett Boyle, a year 8 student, said she was surprised to be given the main role of Matilda. 

She said: “We just auditioned to be in the show, then they gave us our certain parts. I was not expecting to get Matilda.”

Scarlett has been involved in other productions outside of school before and says that she wants to pursue a career in theatre when she is older. 

However, some students have never even been to a theatre before. Kim Miles, head of drama at Henry Beaufort, said: “It’s been wonderful and challenging. Some of the students have never been to the theatre, some of them have never been in a show.

“Especially with Covid around, some of them didn’t do a year six show for example. Some of them are quite inexperienced, and they’ve just blossomed with those who maybe have a bit more experience.”

Year 10 student, James McQuat, is playing his dream role in the production. He said: “A couple years before, someone asked me what my dream role was and I said Ms. Trunchbull, so it’s been such a great experience to actually play her. My grandparents live in Scotland, and they’ve come down just to see this.”

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Many students are balancing their GCSE studies with rehearsing production. 
Imy Tickle, 14, who plays Miss Honey, said: “It’s been a bit tricky. I’ve been able to balance studying and rehearsal time, I seem to be getting to the wraps of things.” 

Imy also remarked that she was starting to feel pre-show nerves. She said: “My brother’s coming to watch tonight, but mainly everybody is coming to watch me on Thursday. I am starting to get a bit nervous now, the pre-show jitters.”

The show takes place at the Theatre Royal in Winchester on January 17, 18 and 19.

Tickets are selling fast, but they are still available at: theatreroyalwinchester.co.uk/whats-on/matilda-musical-jr.