The threat to the future of Heritage Open days as revealed by Richard North, board member of Hampshire History Trust in last week's paper (Chronicle, November 10), is distressing news to many. And especially to my company 2TimeTheatre. 

We are Winchester's smallest but most prolific theatre company, and Heritage Open Days has provided us with a much-needed platform to showcase both original writing and local talent in creating opportunities for local talent; actors, directors, stage managers, and others.

2TimeTheatre has been an integral part of Winchester Heritage Open Days for the past few years. We mount professional productions of original dramas that centre on the rich history of Hampshire and its people.

Past shows include Sir Walter's Women (2018), Tilly and the Spitfires (2019), and Pies and Prejudice (2021).

WinchesterHODS supplies venues for free - often the largest part of any production budget - and supports magnificently with marketing and volunteers, bringing us to the attention of new audiences and building awareness.

In anticipation of 2023 HODS, we hope to stage an original one-act play about the medieval Jewess and businesswoman, Licorica, who lived and died in Winchester in the 1200s. This production is now under threat because of the lack of funding that would enable Winchester HODS to carry on delivering a vast range of high-quality events that enhance and benefit Winchester in countless ways.

Rachel O'Neill,

Nuns Road, 


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