THERE'S something that's been irking Belgarum. 

We love to shop in M&S in Winchester's High Street, I mean where better to be pick up some posh grub and for a few moments pretend we can actually afford to shop there? 

We know Poundland is just a hop away, so is Iceland, but there's something seductive about the old-fashioned nature of M&S.

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However, we have been less than impressed with the removal of access to the doors on to Middle Brook Street. 

This handy cut through from the High Street to Middle Brook Street not only provides a few moments of warmth on a cold day, or air con on a hot one, it's also a pretty handy way to while away a few moments when we are waiting for our bus (see we told you we really can't afford to shop in M&S). 

Much to our dismay, we see these doors have been closed. Baskets barricade us from getting to them. Our much-worn path has been disrupted. 

A sign up says they are out of action. Ask staff and they say they are broken. To be fair we have seen a few workmen hitting them with spanners. 

But the rumour mill has it that they have been purposely shut to stop the shoplifters. 

Whatever the reason, we now have to traipse round. It seems mightily unfair.