BELGARUM has made it! After years of trying, an article has reached the hallowed ground of a Facebook page called Angry People in Local Newspapers.

A social media institution, spawning a book no less, it pokes fun at how the press covers local issues.

Attracting the page's attention was an in-depth article in the Belgarum column earlier this month into a deep puddle on St George's Street that refuses to disappear (mainly because the street paving was so badly laid the the drain is now higher than the surrounding street).

The Facebook post attracted more than 580 likes and a torrent of sarcasm.

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Gareth Lloyd Jones wrote: "As a proud Winchester resident I can confirm that the city has reached a crisis point and that this issue occupies more time in conversation than school fees and the latest Farrow and Ball colour chart. I have petitioned the government to make this their number one priority."

Nicola Wright posted: "This is the best story EVER FEATURED on Angry People in Local Newspapers."

Alex Masterson Davies spotted why the article was written: "The real story here I think is the high quality craftsmanship that went into the laying of those bricks and mortar. To whomever created this modern engineering masterpiece I sir salute you."

Lots of Facebook posters, whose edgy self-righteousness is one of the enjoyable ironies of the page, were blind to the tongue in cheek Belgarum comment that compared Winchester to a Third World, sorry, developing country.