UK drivers have been warned they could face fines of £1,000 for not drinking enough water as Brits aim to make the most out of the weather this weekend.

The UK is braced for days of extreme temperatures in the latest heatwave, as millions more people face a hosepipe ban in the coming weeks.

Drivers are being urged to ensure they are properly hydrated before setting off on car journeys to avoid the four-figure fine.

Motorists face the hefty fine for “failing to have proper control” of a vehicle due to dehydration symptoms including dizziness and a loss of focus at the wheel, reports The Express.

It comes as the Met Office has issued a four-day amber warning for extreme heat in parts of England and Wales for Thursday to Sunday, with temperatures set to climb to 35C or even 36C in some places.

The vulnerable are likely to experience adverse health effects and the wider population could also be affected, delays to travel are possible and there is an increased risk of water accidents and fires as more people head to tourist spots.

NHS guidance on staying hydrated amid UK heatwave

According to the NHS, Brits should be drinking between six and eight glasses of water a day, or 1.2 to 1.5 litres.

UK drivers urged to drink more water

Mike Thompson, Chief Operating Officer at Leasing Options, told The Express: We’re used to checking the water and oil levels of our car before we set off but how many people check their own water levels?

"When starting your car before a long-distance journey, you may not think drinking an extra glass of water before leaving the house would affect your driving abilities, but you would be wrong.

“Drinking more water will not only have a positive effect on the body but will also prevent the chance of dizziness or loss of focus because of it.”