Frustrated concert-goers were left waiting for up to two hours in a car park after a Michael Bublé concert in New Milton.

Some visitors to the event at the Chewton Glen reported long waits to leave the event, following the global star's music gig on Monday, July 18.

Despite widespread praise for the concert itself, people said the wait to leave the car park was a "nightmare".

Around 11,500 people attended the event last night.

Ben Lockwood-Peck, who attended with his wife Suzanne, waited for two hours to leave the car park after the event finished at 10pm.  

He said: “We got back to our car at 10.20pm and two hours later, after little movement, we were out.

“The situation was farcical; there was no movement, we couldn’t have our windows open in the car so we were hot, people were burning fuel in their cars. 

“There was a cacophony of horns. We spent more time in the car park than we did at the concert. 

“People weren’t abusive, but as time went on the frustration started to kick in. 

“The British are great at queuing, but this took the mickey.” 

Kyle Hobley said the concert had finished at 10pm, but he only managed to leave the car park at 12.10am, and that “for most of the time we were stationary”. 

Kyle added: “The stewards didn’t have any guidance from management or the organisers and had lost control of all the cars and the situation.

“All the cars were funneling down one exit at the end of the field. They should’ve made the road an exit only because the queues were so long.” 

The car park was in two fields adjacent to another field behind Chewton Glen Hotel where the concert was held. 

Kyle said he was a “little bit tired” by the time he got home, but insisted “Michael was great”.

Others also reported the parking chaos, saying traffic control was "appalling".

It comes as some fans were already frustrated before the event, with one person saying she was “totally mis-sold” the event which she says was advertised as a small picnic-style event for 300 people, a figure organisers dispute.

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In the days before the concert, it transpired the event is actually being held in a nearby field which is only accessible by a 15-minute walk from the main car park along an “uneven path”.

A spokesperson for organiser Senbla said: “It was wonderful to bring concerts to the grounds at Chewton Glen; whilst it was an incredibly challenging year with the cancellations of Ball & Boe and Tears for Fears due to Covid and a rib injury respectively, it was brilliant to welcome thousands of fans to see music from McFly and Michael Buble.

"Yesterday Michael Buble delivered a world class show and whilst we know that there were some delays getting out of the car parks, the team on site worked hard to get everyone out safely on what was the warmest night on record. 

"Leaving a major outdoor green field site by car obviously does incur queuing, and whilst the vast majority of customers got out in an acceptable timeframe, we know that there were some who moved slower than anticipated.

"We have reached out to event traffic control – who provided traffic management – to find out what the issues were.

"We wish to thank Chewton Glen for providing such a fantastic site to work at and we hope that all who attended and stayed at the hotel to see the show had a fantastic time”.