I was idly Googling today (winter afternoon here) and entered "Hatt Farm, Mottisfont".

This farm was where my great-grandfather James Richard FOX was born in 1836 to Charles Richard FOX and wife Harriet Jane BELL.

I came across the article in the Hampshire Chronicle about an Eric Chase having been raised there, as his father had the tenancy of Hatt Farm from 1925.

We visited Mottisfont in 2011, and discovered the sign "Hatt Farm" by the roadside, on Hatt Hill.

The kind lady owner (tenant?) showed us the front of the house from the farmyard.

Is there any way of contacting Eric Chase? Your article mentions he resides in Whiteparish.

I wonder if he has any photos taken on this farm during the time he and his family lived there.

I realise Eric may no longer be with us (aged 89 in 2014) but there just might be some other person in your part of Hampshire who has some treasure-information to share.

Please get in touch if you know anything. I am on ashenden52@gmail.com.

Wendy Ashenden, Auckland NZ

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